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March of the Caterpillars

            Duncan Hunter under Criminal Investigation

      The Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation of District 50 congressional representative, Republican Duncan Hunter, over campaign violations according to the House Ethics Committee. The committee has set aside its own ethics violation inquiry in light of the... — Updated 03/23/2017

March of the Caterpillars

 — Updated 03/24/2017

Border Patrol - Two Women Arrested for Meth

Two women were arrested by U.S. Border Patrol agents in separate smuggling attempts within an hour from each other Saturday afternoon at the Highway 86 checkpoint. Agents say the first incident happened at 12:30 p.m. when a 33-year-old woman, who is a Mexican national, drove up... — Updated 03/22/2017

Water, Salt and Dust: The Salton Sea Management Plan

After 17 years of drought in the Colorado Basin, the Salton Sea has undergone by reason of decreasing volume 1) increasing water salinity, and 2) increasing acreage surrounding the Sea, called the playa. In the playa, formed as the water level continues to drop, microscopic... — Updated 03/22/2017

Flowers of Borrego

The initial surge of people to the town that was seen on the first weekend, was not re-created for the second weekend. A huge surge in visitors but the traffic jams were less and traffic kept moving. Porta poties were brought in, ... — Updated 03/22/2017

Plane Crashes In Anza-Borrego State Park

Borrego was at the heart of its own little mystery over the weekend following a small plane crashing after taking off from the Borrego Springs Airport. Two men apparently walked away uninjured after the small plane in which they were riding crashed en route to Palm Springs. The... — Updated 03/21/2017

State Lawmakers Tour Salton Sea

Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia was one of the hosts of a tour of the Salton Sea area for state lawmakers and representatives of state agencies on Thursday, the same day the state released a 10-year management plan for the sea. The 10-year Salton Sea management plan lays out a... — Updated 03/21/2017

Alistair Docherty Wins de Anza Desert Classic

Borrego Springs resident and favorite son golfer Damien Telles made a great effort in the third and final round of the de Anza Desert Classic to narrow a four-stroke deficit, but even his seven birdies were not enough. Alistair Docherty won the Desert Classic by two strokes over... — Updated 03/17/2017

Borrego Blurb Library Plan Decided

Rumour has it that Plan A is the winner for the new library. Although not yet officially announced, people on the inside have stated that the architect firm has been informed and employed to begin the... — Updated 03/16/2017

Borrego Blurb - Library Design

Are we about to hear an announcement in regards to the new library plans? A little hint would help. Stay tuned as we get set to make the... — Updated 03/13/2017

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